2020 International Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology and Food Engineering(ASTFE 2020)aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of electronics, communication, network and computer technology.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. Agricultural science and technology

(1) Agricultural engineering

(2) Agricultural information technology

(3) Agricultural resource

(4) Sustainable agriculture

(5) Organic agriculture

(6) Precision agriculture and agriculture

(7) Agricultural mechanization and automation

(8) Irrigation/soil / drainage and water quality

(9) Pesticides, fertilizers, seeds

(10) Agricultural Circular Economy

(11) Horticulture, flowers and Forestry

(12) Biofuels

(13) Landscape design and urban gardening

(14) Eco horticultural system

(15) Tissue culture and plant biotechnology

(16) Genetic breeding

II. Food Engineering

(1) Food Biotechnology

(2) Nutrition and Food Science

(3) Food Biochemistry and food processing

(4) Fermentation and Biotechnology

(5) Food ingredients and additives

(6) Food packaging technology and food storage

(7) Vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements

(8) Food Safety

(9) Food safety storage

(10) Food Hygiene

(11) Food processing

(12) Antibacterial therapy